Creating Change with a Chronic Illness + GA Update

First of all, I just wanted to update ya’ll on my trip to Georgia last week. It was pretty disappointing as the tests still haven’t come back yet and they can’t tell me why I’m throwing up so much nor do they have a solution for it. I really was hoping for some semblance of a treatment while I was there and I was not impressed. I’m still hoping that some test shows something that can help us.

I did get to go home for 3 days before traveling again though which was relaxing. I arrived in Chicago on Tuesday and just hung around that night since the conference hadn’t started yet.

Wednesday was when things started to go down hill. I haven’t really been able to keep anything down since then and my energy gets zapped after 2 or 3 hours. I took alot of breaks from the racial justice institute that day and it really sucked. I wished that I had the spoons to be able to give my all to helping bridge the gap between white people and POC in the movement.

Thursday was arguably the most active day. Though I ate really little, I got to table, I got to see many colleagues and co-workers, I got to see a dear friend, and I went out to both an event and dinner. It was so nice to be able to talk to one of my friends who is also a spoonie about how I was honestly feeling. They shared in my frustration in me not getting the treatment that I needed, and they loved me for exactly who I am. That is what I love about them.

Friday I did get to table for a few hours, and I got to see some more people who I love dearly. I went to a dinner for all my co-workers and though I was out of it for most of the time it was really worth it.

Finally, Saturday and today I have tried very hard to get up and go out but I cannot. I threw up my prescribed meds and cannot really function.

Honestly, I was really upset that I didn’t attend any workshops because I was feeling so sick. I really wanted to learn new things and get to converse with interesting and diverse people from new places. Hopefully another year I will be able to do just that.


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