Say Her Name- Keisha Jenkins

Keisha Jenkins was murdered this week in my adopted city of Philadelphia. She was a 22 year old transgender woman who was brutally attacked by 6 men. She was in the prime of life, in a city I know to have a vibrant transgender community. I lived and worked in Philadelphia for 2 years, and became involved in the transgender community there. I attended a transgender support group at a LGBTQ youth center there, and became part of a cohort of amazing activist individuals. Keisha Jenkins is not alone. She is the 4th transgender woman to be murdered in Philadelphia in as many years. I remember twice coming to Love Park to mourn transgender women who had been murdered. I remember the tears as their family and friends spoke and wondering in a place where I felt so safe, how could such a tragedy happen? I want any trans person who comes to Philly, whether to live or for the trans health conference that takes place every June, to feel safe. How can our community thrive if we don’t have a basic sense of safety? Just three days after Keisha was murdered, the Philadelphia city council passed a bill to make all single use restrooms gender neutral. This was a landmark bill, and I’m so happy that it passed, but how can we use bathrooms if we are still getting murdered? We need to call on officials from every state, every city to raise awareness of this epidemic and to help educate and prevent violence. This is unacceptable and we have cried too many times. No more, no more.


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