Invisible Illness Awareness Week #2: When People Ask

Today, someone asked me how I was doing since I was so sick last week. I responded with a hand gesture that was supposed to represent so/so and they said they was glad I was feeling better since last week. However, even though I guess im feeling better its not because of anything that I did. I still have EDS, I still am sick, I’m just having a little bit better moment right now than I have been. But I will have bad days again soon, and I still dont have treatment so what can I do. How can someone even tell the difference between the good days and the bad if they cant see my disease. I wish I could have explained to my friend that im not really better, but explaining gastropariesis to her would have been futile because she wouldn’t have understood exactly how much pain and suffering that one word causes me. Right now as I write this, my throat is on fire. It has been for 3 weeks but no one can tell me why. I think it might have something to do with a lowered immune system, but i have no idea. Its just this whole thing. I think I will know that someone understands when I get a text asking me what they can do, or when they offer to sit with me on my bathroom floor. Ill know they understand when I see someone post about an awareness week or a new treatment on my wall. Im looking forward to when that day comes.


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