Avineu Malkenu- Our Father, Our King

I don’t usually write about religion on this blog, but on the high holy days I feel compelled to share some thoughts with you. Tomorrow is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year. This isn’t the type of new year you have in times square with the ball dropping and people cheering, it is a much more somber holiday where we are inscribed in the book of life or the book of death. Rosh Hashanah is sometimes seen as a clean slate, but to me it is an opportunity to reflect on your past year and to not focus on the future, but to help clarify and release the past. We must realize our wrongs from the last year, not only the wrongs we have committed against G-d, but the sins we have committed against each other. Aveinu Malkenu, our father our king, not only is G-d our king that we must repent to and seek forgiveness from, they are our father, the one we seek advice from, the one we look up to, whom we strive to please. We know that our father is righteous in our eyes, that they are charitable. That is why we not only ask for forgiveness but ask for guidance in how to move forward, in how to not repeat the sins and mistakes that we have committed in the past year. G-d acknowledges hat all humans make mistakes and sin, that no one is above that, but in the time we take to reflect we can become better people and become better citizens of this world that G-d has bestowed upon us.

Avinu Malkeinu, Chaneinu V’aneinu,

ki ein banu ma’asim.

Assei imanu ts’dakah vachesed, vehoshiyeinu.

Hear our voice, Lord our God,
pity and be compassionate to us, and accept – with compassion and favour – our prayer.

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