Spoonie Friends

Yesterday was my best friends birthday. He turned 22. He is also a spoonie, and though both of us have been sick for a while we never really were in the community nor did we talk about it until recently. But having someone who knows me really well and who is able to relate to being sick. I feel like I dont have many friends in real life that I can chat about that kind of stuff with. When I bring up being sick they just get all uncomfortable and and say things like “oh im sorry” i just need someone who i can laugh with about it. Its nice to know that I found a friend for this that was someone i already knew. Existing people in your life can surprise you, even if you’ve known them for your whole life. I really also appreciate having people online to talk to when my friends aren’t around. There is so much knowledge that you can gain from other people and insight into your illness and treatment. I think thats a reason why I like to write these blogs, because I can share my knowledge with all of you and hopefully provide you some information that informs your treatment. Its also important to have company when youre sick. Just someone to talk to and to watch movies with and to eat with when you arent feeling well. Being alone is bad for you, but its also bad for your health. Having people who can understand you, your illness, and who can just be there is a perfect combination. When you come across that, you know you’ve found someone truly special.


4 thoughts on “Spoonie Friends

  1. Come be my friend! I’ve set up a blog called spooniesisters (female because it’s about my type of chronic pain is gynaecological, but the site is aiming to be genderless), would love you to check it out if you fancy. Empathy, love and good vibes from Rose x

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