Gastropariesis Awareness Month

This month is Gastropariesis awareness month and lately, the disease thats co-morbid to my EDS has been running my life. It tells me what to eat, when to go to the bathroom, when to sleep, Its just that I cant take it anymore. I just want to do whatever I want. The constant nausea is never relieved by medication, the bloating causes me to question my body, and the fluctuating weight never ceases to make me question my diagnosis whatsoever. I know that there are people who rely on TPN 24/7 to function and I feel for them and I know those people too However,  for me the fact that I don’t eat and I gain weight makes people think that I don’t have GP or that it doesn’t affect them as bad as me. But it does, and I just want people, especially my doctors to know this. They won’t treat me and if they dont treat me I end up having days where I cant even get out of bed because the nausea is so bad. But that doesn’t matter to people who think GP is all about weight. I just need a little help. I know this is kind of a rant, but GP is a very little know disease that effects so many more people than is known. I just think that everyone, even doctors should learn more about it so that an affective treatment can be found, and so people like me don’t have to suffer in silence or in pain.


One thought on “Gastropariesis Awareness Month

  1. I am with you on that! I am diagnosed and at war with my doctors because my test came back as “mild” and I suffer from constant nausea and an inability to digest food. I am not responding to any medication, and they do not care. It is really tough. They are now resorting to the antidepressants… something I do not want. I just want them to listen and understand how hard sufferers have it out there! You are not alone!

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