Family and Chronic Illness

Family, you cant choose them right? You also can’t choose what questions and attitudes they have about your illness. Take for example my 87 year old grandmother who I went to visit this week. She had so many questions, invasive, and otherwise about my illness. This was the first time I visited her since my diagnosis and she thought that she could come up with something better than I already could have, or that one medication would suddenly make me better. I found myself not telling her everything because I didnt want her to get too concerned. But in reality things are much worse than she knows. I just hate that people want to tell me how to live my life or get overly concerned for me. I just want someone who says “ok” and thats it. I know family can be hard, like my parents really leave me to myself but then i tell them about things that are going on and they have no understanding. I feel like there is no perfect way with anyone especially with family. They are always so invasive and stuff. They arent sick, they dont understand, and they always want to fix you or make you something you are not. I hope that someday my family understands more than they do now. But I think that everyone needs to talk with their family about exactly how they feel and how they are effected. This applies to people who are grown up too, because even family can make adult members uncomfortable.


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