Making Progress

This year is the 25th anniversary of the ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act. This law gave disabled people discrimination protections, more accessible side walks and transportation, adjustments to benefits and so much more. 25 years ago hundreds of people crawled up the capital building to help this law to pass. But this was only the beginning and we have such a long way to go. Tomorrow I am attending the Make Progress summit in Washington, DC. Its a summit for young people who are active in politics and social justice. Many high profile people will be in attendance, including Vice President Biden. This got me thinking what I would say to the VP if I met him. I would tell him about my experiences, like the one I had today where I waited 10 minutes for the elevator to work in the subway so I could get to my job working the night shift at a homeless shelter. I would tell him about my doctor’s inability to treat my gastropariesis, and how the health insurance exchange isnt designed for sick people. But most of all I would ask him to include more disabled people in decision making at the white house and to make progress in education, accessibility and healthcare for disabled people who are often ignored and left out of the conversation. Disabled people of all abilities must band together in the NEXT 25 years to make things even better, to help the next generation achieve new heights and not to let people suffer at the hands of disease or at the hands of the government. I have high hopes for what we can do. Let’s make disability rights a major issue for the next election, if we band together, we can do anything.


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