As chronically ill people we’re often told we don’t have many options, or even that we don’t have options at all. But we do. They are just ones that doctors and medical professionals choose not to tell us. For example, this week I was officially (I had known I had it for a long time thanks to tips from friends) diagnosed with gastropariesis and my doctor basically said it was “mild” (yeah right, does she have it?) and that I didn’t have any options and I should just deal with it. But I knew I had other options. First of all the primary reason she didn’t want to treat me is because my weight is stable. Yes, that’s true but I am definitely not getting the nutrition I need. I take in probably somewhere between 700-1200 calories a day and most of that is soft or liquid. I know there are three options with GP: Reglan or similar med, gastric pacemaker, or supplemental nutrition. The first two are not successful most of the time. Reglan is good for temporary relief but not as a long term med, and pacemakers tend to fail alot of the time. So that leaves supplemental nutrition which is something most doctors don’t want to give because it seems like such a drastic measure, but it can totally turn the quality of life around for a GP patient. So i’ve been looking into that. I’m a hypocrite about this but don’t be afraid to challenge your doctors or leave someone if you don’t think they are doing right by you. Always do your research too and network with people with your same condition and get their advice so you can figure out your own options. You have to do what’s right for you and don’t let anyone force you into doing something you aren’t comfortable with.


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