SCOTUS: Why it doesn’t matter

A week ago SCOTUS made the decision to legalize marriage equality throughout the United States and this made history, and also brought joy and happiness to many in the gay (i use this word intentionally) community. However, in reality, the decision doesn’t matter, because it doesn’t change much. Yes, queer people can get married, but they can still get fired, evicted, denied healthcare, and queer poc are still more likely to live below the poverty line. The day of the ruling I was at Trans Day of Action at the historical Christopher street pier, a historical place to many queer people, a place where liberation was born as well as the ball scene. A place where queer kids came to escape broken homes, where homeless queers slept, and where they came to build community. And as we marched, we chanted “We want liberation, not your assimilation” and I truly believe that is what will help EVERYONE in the queer community. I do mean everyone. Being liberated will help all queer people from white cis gays to Trans Queer POC. Liberation is how we will build community, get above the poverty line, and finally get to the point where all identities are accepted. Liberation will free the queer people detained in the prison system and our broken immigration system. When I see groups like Immigration Equality and Audre Lorde Project fighting for what is truly right and just and real I have hope that we will be liberated just as it was the dreams of our foremothers, Audre Lorde, Sylvia Rivera, Marsha P. Johnson, and Miss Major. These women were the leaders of stonewall, the real stonewall, the one that history ignores. The fight against the police, the throwing of bottles, the rioting. Another chant at TDOA was “Stonewall was a riot, we don’t deny it” and we need the energy and mindset of stonewall back. Once we capture and harness it, liberation will be in our reach.


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