Being Trans and Disabled, Its Not So Easy

So as you already know from reading this blog, I have a disability. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a systemic genetic disease that effects my collagen. But I am also transgender. I identify as male and have been out for 5 years. The intersection of these two identities is frightening for me. When I first became sick one of my worst fears was not being able to medical transition. This looks like less of a possibility now, but I know it effects more people than just me. Its scary to know that your illness could take away your whole sense of self and not just your health. The other thing about being trans and disabled is that people feel your disability is an excuse to invalidate your gender identity. Because, how could someone who is disabled have the autonomy and presence of mind to make that kind of decision? It annoys me to no end. I am a trans man and I have always been one, just as I have always been disabled. Being trans and disabled has shown me that I cant always wear my binder because my back is too sensitive, that I can’t always feel safe disclosing who I am to medical professionals because they will become hostile and confused which isnt a good doctor patient relationship, and that most of all you might have to make big sacrifices for the sake of your health, but you need to learn to be ok with that. I feel that my two identities are always intersecting and crossing paths and I hope that one day my gender identity wont be an issue.


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