An Open Letter to Mayor Deblasio and the MTA

Mayor Deblasio and The MTA,

This city is so inaccessible it sometimes blows my mind, it should be on a list of the most inaccessible cities in the world. Wait, let’s back up. My name is Emet. I am a 20 year old rising college senior at SUNY purchase, studying to be a nonprofiteer, and I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Ehlers Danlos Syndrome is a genetic disorder that destabilizes the collagen in your body. One of the complications of this is the dislocation and pain of many primary joints. Because of this i use a wheelchair. I have not always used a wheelchair though. My disease is genetic but it only got to this point last august. I have lived in NYC since I was 9 years old and I never realized until now how inaccessible it is. The sidewalks are uneven, most subway and train stations don’t have elevators and the ones that do often break, and the busses ramps get stuck. But for me, the most disappointing part was being unable to get around in my own neighborhood. I live in Inwood, a beautiful, lovely, community neighborhood in upper manhattan. We have alot of hills in my neighborhood and there are no busses or subways that go up the hill. I find myself having to ask neighbors and friends to push me up the hill or push myself and then get very tired and sick after. I love Inwood. I dont want to move ever and I love the people I know here. One thing you could do to make this more accessible is re-route a bus to go up the hill. Just one new bus stop is all. I know many in this neighborhood would be so grateful for that. Of course, you do need to make more public transportation accessible, including the LIRR and Metro North. Also, making the sidewalks more even would be nice too. But this one tiny difference would change my life dramatically.

Thank you so much,



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