Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Awareness Month Day # 28: Surprises!

I was surprised today, in a good way. As someone with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome that almost never happens to me, I am constantly getting bad surprises from my body: dislocations, nausea, GI stuff. Good surprises arent something that i would ever expect ( i guess thats why its a surprise). I went to my GI today expecting to hear the same words ive been hearing for months “I dont know” and at first I thought I was right. Then about 30 minutes into the appointment out of nowhere I hear the words “Gut Motility Study” I have been praying for her to do this forever. I mean forever. Since the first day I saw her. I know that there is some kind of motility issue and this will help us figure out what it is and then we can start treatment! This is so hopeful for me and hopefully this is the beginning of a new start for me and when I get back to school next year I can really focus on school and my future. I know that this isnt going to solve everything and treatment options will be tricky and maybe even this test won’t show anything at all and I’ll be back to square one. That would be a bad surprise, but also not unlikely since my body likes to throw me curve balls all the time. But whatever surprises come my way (or yours) you need to be ready for them and that is why being emotionally capable and taking care of yourself in that way is just as important as any brace, chair, or tube that helps your body function.


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