EDS Awareness Week Days #21, 22, &, 23: Concerts, Celebrity Spokespeople, & Crashing

I didnt write the last few days because ive been extremely busy, and then, inevitably today I crashed. Admittedly, I did something a little reckless. I went to a concert. But I didn’t just go to a concert, I went to a concert over 100 miles away from home to which I traveled by public transportation. I was actually already not feeling well already but I missed my chance to meet this band before and I was not going to miss it again. So I rode all the way there and I got to meet them. I had imagined this meeting a hundred times in my head, and still I was surprised by what happened. Of course the band was totally cool, all Time Low has been my favorite band since the 10th grade. They told me I was cool, Jack said he wanted a big mac, Alex asked what I was listening to, and then I said something that really changed everything. I said that it was EDS Awareness month and it would be cool if they tweeted about it. Zach their bassist started pulling his skin and stuff and I laughed and said “yeah that’s a symptom” He said he knew and that he had EDS and he had joint pain. It was the most amazing moment and I imagined him raising awareness and being a spokesperson. But I am not sure thats his prerogative. That is up to him. I really enjoyed the concert, the music was amazing and all the people were so friendly! I came home at around 4AM and now I have lost my voice, I have a huge headache, I am not feeling well GI wise. Its just not a good situation. People with chronic illness tend to crash after something like this, but I always try to ask myself if I think it will be worth it and in this case it was.


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