EDS Awareness Month Day #20: Doctors

I have really mixed feelings about doctors. On one hand, they are the only ones allowed to preform treatments, give drugs, admit you to a hospital and so I need them. On the other, that is why I dislike them. They question people’s illnesses, they get stumped/give up, they critizcise people based on weight or mental health status. I have really severe GI problems and I have called my GI numerous times in the middle of the night crying and begging her to admit me to the hospital so they could run tests on me or do something and she just kept telling me there was nothing she could do. I feel like doctors sometimes hold my entire fate in their hands and there is nothing I can do or say. But I do have some really amazing doctors. Ones who will go above and beyond for me. Ones who give me their home phone number so I can talk to them in case of an emergency after hours. Those are the ones that make me think that doctors are not entirely useless. But sometimes I think I know more about EDS than my doctors do, and im usually right. I want to just treat myself because I think I know how to fix things but I cant because I didnt go to medical school. I’m just a kid. I’m hoping ill get help soon.


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