EDS Awareness Month Day #19: Transportation

I live in New York City, we have one of the best public transportation systems in the country right? WRONG. If you have a disability there are a limited number of subway stations that serve you. The ones that do are in the hubs like times square or penn station. These aren’t places I usually travel to. You can get access-a-ride but that doesn’t let you do last minute trips or anything. It all has to be planned out in advance. I dont’ really do that, I cant anticipate what my levels will be like day to day. So I can take busses but I live very far away from where I need to be so it would take forever on the bus. The last option is taxis but we all know how expensive those are and as one of my favorite youtubers would say “Das Espensive” So I usually end up sacrificing my pain levels to get to the places I need to go. Using my cane and taking the stairs when I am in no condition to. This is usually all to get to doctors appointments and other medical things. Things I cant do without. Then there are times when the elevators break down, or the gate wont open and I tweet the MTA and they never tweet back. I get frustrated and I just feel like why go through this at all. I try not to get down on myself though or let it discourage me from living my life. I can go places despite this country’s inaccessibility.


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