EDS Awareness Month Day #16: Responsiblity

I’m home by myself this week. In addition to being extremely bored, I am also responsible for cleaning my house, taking care of my dog (walking her, feeding her), and doing a list of things my mom asked me to do. However, when you have EDS things can be unpredictable and being in immense pain when you are supposed to take out your dog is a very bad thing. I’ve been trying to persevere to do the things I have to do even in pain. I feel bad for my dog, and this is about her. It makes me wonder what I would be like as a parent. I also am having to make food for myself since I’m by myself and there is no dining hall like there is at school. Its hard for me to have the energy (spoons, which i will make a separate post about) to make food for myself. The best kind of stuff I can eat would be things made in a microwave or already prepared. With my GP this is even harder. I am flaring right now and I basically am just trying to drink as much water as I can and take my medications. But last night I went out and I ended up just getting frozen yogurt and eating alone, which is awkward. But responsibility is hard for someone with EDS and I really know after this week that I probably wont ever be able to live alone. I cant have that independence. But I take solace in knowing that i still can go to school and work and stuff. Thats more than some people.


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