EDS Awareness Month Day #15: Cardio

Cardio can mean two means with EDS. It can mean what most people think of, which is a type of excercise. Like the one I do everyday when I push my wheelchair up a bunch of hills. Or what I sometimes do in PT to strengthen my muscles. But it can also mean something else. Cardiovascular complications are common with EDS, especially in the vascular type. I for one, have POTS. This stands for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, basically when someone changes positions their autonomic nervous system goes haywire and their BP drops and HR increases. This can cause dizziness and even loss of consciousness. Other cardiovascular complications include Mitral Valve Prolapse, other types of Dysautonomia, and in the vascular type aortic dissections. If you have EDS you should really go to a cardiologist at least once a year to get a Echo and an EKG to check on your heart. I personally think this is one of the most important parts of care with EDS and there is alot we can do to treat these conditions, as opposed to some other complications. As for the first type of cardio, thats important too! Exercise can be a great way to keep your heart healthy. I like to go places in my wheelchair, race down hills, and I’d like to get a bike attachment or do WMX. đŸ˜€


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