EDS Awareness Month Day #14: Brain Fog

Brain fog, it’s real. Its weird. Today I went to take my dog for a walk and I forgot my keys. That happens to me so much more often than I’m willing to admit. Its called brain fog, its a side effect of the exhaustion and pain that is such a big part of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Basically it takes away my ability to concentrate, my memory, my cognitive functions, sometimes it takes all my strength just to read a sentence. Thats what is so hard about going to school. If I have brain fog, class becomes impossible. I am so proud of myself that I finished this semester at all, let alone my two final grades that coming in so far are A’s. I can’t tell you how many times I was asleep in my bed thinking “What about my grades?” “What about my future?” I thought about all my friends who had to drop out due to things like this. The dropout rate among students with disabilities is very high and I think I could have been one of them had it not been for my amazing on campus doctor who really was there at any moment when I needed her. But brain fog is my master, and sometimes when I was writing about something I didn’t know about I did less than stellar. I just hope there is a time when I won’t forget my keys unless i post a sign everywhere, or where I know how to do simple things without trying multiple times. *raises glass* to that day.


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