EDS Awareness Month Day #13: Insurance is Stupid

Today I was supposed to have my first Physical Therapy session in a month because I’ve had finals and he was on vacation. Then I got a call that said even though i JUST had a consultation I needed another one for my insurance to approve any more sessions. I just hate that I have to jump through so many hoops to get the care I need. I need more PT than the person who sprained their ankle or tore their ACL. I need it all year round to help keep my joints in place and to keep muscles strong. But insurance companies cant see individuals, they see numbers and quotas and of course money. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a affordable insurance plan just for people with chronic illness. It would cover the things that we need that most other people don’t. Soon when I am on my own I will either get insurance through an employer or through the insurance exchange. I have already searched the exchange, and basically none of those plans cover anything other than the bare minimum. That doesn’t work for me. My therapy sessions alone would max me out of that plans so fast. I just want to have a plan that I dont have to worry about coverage for the extra things I need. Security is something that most people with EDS dont get to experience, but maybe in this one area of life if we could have it, things would be just a little bit better.


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