EDS Awareness Month Day 12: Education

Congratulations to me! I just finished my junior year in college. I am now one year away from graduating with my BA! Going to school with any chronic illness is hard, but with EDS because there are so many facets it can be confusing and somewhat scary. I have been hospitalized 3 times during this school year and each time I was afraid of missing too much school and having to withdraw from a class. I am so lucky to have a doctor at my student health center who is very committed to me and my case. She goes above and beyond where a doctor of a student health center should go. She is always willing to write letters for my accommodations and find specialists for me. People always ask me how I manage to go to school, get a decent GPA, work, and manage my disease. Honestly, I don’t know. Some days I don’t get out of bed the entire day and I procrastinate alot. I feel like alot of the reason I am able to succeed is because of some amazing professors and many of the skills I learned in high school. If I had to give some tips for EDSers who want to succeed in school i would say: 1. Work with your access and accommodations office, they can help you alot especially in terms of housing. 2. Get a tutor or work in a study group so if you miss something you can catch up. 3. Get braces! This way you dont have to worry about subluxing a wrist in the middle of a test. 4. finally, always make sure you are in constant communication with your professors about your condition from the first day to your last final.


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