EDS Awareness Month Day #11: Online Support

In conversations, I talk about my friends alot, especially when talking about EDS. The thing is that these are mostly internet friends. They are found across platforms, on Tumblr, in Facebook groups, chatrooms, Instagram, and Twitter. They are helpful to ask questions to, share experiences with and to have people who understand. They recommend things to try and products to buy, send you love when you’re feeling down, and congratulate you when you accomplish something. Overall, the friends ive made through the power of the internet are amazing. Over the winter I even got an opportunity to meet a few of them in person and I couldn’t believe how exactly alike they were to their online personas. One Facebook group I am in has been particularly helpful. Not only do the people in there give great advice and have so much insight into the disease that I am dealing with, but they are respectful of my gender identity and expression. They are queer and trans and so great to interact with. Sometimes I like them better than my friends in real life. They care about me like I have known them forever, they get worried about me when I am sick and sometimes even offer to come help me if they live close. They shower me with compliments on my fashion sense and makeup abilities. They keep outdoing themselves. Someone on there even recommended a doctor for me which I am really excited about! I cant imagine being sick without this kind of support and I think every chronically ill person needs it.


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