EDS Awareness Month Day 9 & 10: Withdrawal

Yesterday I went threw withdrawal. It was not on purpose. I went home for mothers day and left my meds at school by accident. I hate withdrawal. It is the worst part about medication. I get so sick every time. When I get that sick I tend to sleep alot and also withdraw into myself. I just kind of dont want to be conscious. When you are sick there are going to be low points like that. Don’t feel guilty about that. It’s ok to lose yourself for a bit as long as you come back eventually. Its ok to rest and to do nothing. I do feel guilty sometimes. I admit that . But I know that I need to take care of myself. You can’t pretend everything is ok when it’s not, it will only make you feel worse. But theres also a difference between taking care of yourself and being depressed. You should know the difference for yourself and be sure to look out for. I know for me I really have to pay attention because once I do become depressed its a quick downward spiral and Its very hard for me to get out. I think that this one of the reasons that chronically ill people need to have a therapist. Just someone to talk to and have in case you get into one of those situations. I know that therapy has helped me recognize when I am getting depressed and helped me developed methods to help me when I do get depressed. I am very fortunate to have someone who is so understanding. There is a balance between taking care of yourself and withdrawing for health and depression and please be able to know how to deal with both.


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