EDS Awareness Month Day #8 Bruises & Loving your body

I have bruises. Bruises everywhere. They are yellow and purple and cover my arms and legs. I also sit in a chair. When I sit, just like my thighs, these bruises get larger. Every time I get poked for an IV, I get more bruises. These come from the fact that it usually takes multiple tries to get a vein on me. But ive learned to love these bruises. Because they are a reflection of the natural process of my body. The DNA that EDS makes for me. The falls I incur on a weekly basis. The chair that serves as my ride. The yellow that contrasts against my olive skin. Today I went shopping. Shopping is one of my favorite things to do. The colors and fabrics of the store fill me with something that is indescribable. This is my first summer shopping for clothes to wear in a wheelchair. This is a little daunting for me. Wearing shorts when you’re sitting down all the time is not the easiest thing. You see alot of skin and sometimes it doesn’t even look like you are wearing anything at all. I can see all of my thighs and my calves. I lost alot of weight recently and looking at my body in this thinner form is interesting. I have cellulite and flab from not having tone and a big ass. But I am loving my body because it is mine and even though it doesn’t work properly it is still mine. It is still something I can take pride in. Please know that your body is special and beautiful and lovely no matter if you have EDS or lupus or OI. If you are in a chair or use crutches or a cain. If you have a tube or a port. You are authentic and loved. ❤


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