Mobility Devices: EDS Awareness Month Day #5

If you have EDS, you are constantly subluxing or dislocating your joints, not to mention chronic pain. This is very hard to bear if you are going to school, have a job, or are a parent/caregiver. Many people with EDS end up being homebound for this reason. One solution to getting out and about and continuing daily activities is to get a mobility device. I know this is daunting at first and may feel like you are losing your independence, but in fact using a mobility device gives you more independent. You may be less reliant on others to take you places or watch over you, you may be able to run errands, and you may be able to go out for longer periods of time. For me, the idea of a wheelchair was both scary and exciting. I was scared because people told me “Once you’re in a wheelchair you cant ever go back” (Which might be true but who gives a crap, wheelchairs arent the end of the world) and I was excited because I could keep up with my family when we were going around. The first time I used a chair was on a family vacation to California. It was amazingly freeing. I was able to wander around a museum with my parents, go shopping separate from my family and keep up with everyone at my sisters house. It was awesome. After using a chair for almost 10 months now, I will never doubt myself again. I credit my chair as one of the reasons I am able to continue my education, which is invaluable. So, if you’re thinking about getting a mobility device, do it!!


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