Uncertainty: EDS Awareness Month Day #3

Everyday I wake-up not knowing. Not knowing what the day will bring. Will I vomit? Will I sublux something? Will my back be on fire? Or will everything be fine? Will I laugh and frolic with my friends? Will I get all my homework done? Will I be able to eat anything I want? Or will I end up in the ER? That’s the thing with EDS. You never know. When you’re having a good period, you never know how long it will last. It could be a day, a week, or maybe even longer. That strikes fear into my heart. I am always looking over my shoulder and wondering when things are going to go wrong. Its not a good thing for me. It causes my already anxiety ridden personality to go into hyper drive. So what can we do? We can’t take the uncertainty out of EDS. As much as that would be nice, its not possible. But we can practice meditation and mindfulness to help with anxiety. Of course, this isnt a replacement for therapy or medications or anything else (i’m not trying to peddle a product or tell you that this will CURE you’re EDS or anxiety). Mindfulness just means focusing on yourself and your breathing and taking a little time out to remind yourself that this is life and you’re in the moment. Meditation goes a little bit deeper and just tries to find peace and quiet in a busy or stressful time. We cant take the uncertainty out of EDS and it sucks. Its really annoying. But we can find ways to cope and coping is a key element of living with a chronic illness.


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