A look to the year ahead

Many things have happened to me over the past few weeks. I’m not going to go into details, but it’s as if my life has become new again. Therefore, I expect 2014 to be a completely different year. My first goal for the year is to stop basing who I am on other people. For most of my life, I have pinned my hopes and dreams on one person or another. I want them to show me how it should be or how I should function. But that is not a healthy habit. I can’t only get a job because someone says I can, I cant only be friends with people my friends are already friends with, and I certainly cannot tie my emotional health all to one person. That’s why this year I will strive to be more independent. I have already picked my own classes, registered for the fall in London, taken a job at a campaign, and signed on to a wonderful team of colleagues at GenYNot. I hope this is just the beginning. The second thing I want to do in 2014 is make more time for self care. This doesn’t just mean going to the gym and eating healthier, but It’s about taking time to read for pleasure, or watch a movie. Maybe it’s about putting on makeup just for myself instead of only when I’m going out, or taking a long shower just to destress. I also want to put more work into my relationship with my family. For a long time I have tried to have a good relationship with my parents, but I think that I never put the effort in needed to succeed in this department. In addition, I have long neglected my relationship with my sister, even though I love her dearly. These relationships should and will be strengthened this year. I will come home more often, write more letters, put more thought into what I say. I have lost so much in my life already, and I will be dammed if I lose anymore. I also want to put more effort into my studies, and finding out what area I want to concentrate in. I did alright for myself this semester (even if I did miss one of my finals) but I want to do more than alright next semester, and next year. My ultimate goal is to have one semester with at least a 3.75 if not a 4.0. The last thing is more of a wish than a goal. I can’t really make this happen, but I would like it to. I want to date someone in 2014. I want to be in love and have someone love me back. There isn’t anything I can do to make this happen, but I can hope. To all of you out there, have a very happy new year and an amazing 2014. 


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